Operation Hope for children of Haiti

Success through Teamwork, Partnership and Faith A Commitment Above Self



Our mission is to serve individual children of Haiti and especially in Haiti's poorest communities. We found our strength in our beliefs, our diversity, our experiences and our hope for a better tomorrow for these children.

It is our main objective to streamline the advancement of these children by:

  • Strengthening their capacity for self-sufficiency;
  • Promoting, fostering, increasing and advancing the health, welfare and economic status of destitute or otherwise needy children residing in Haiti;
  • Encouraging interest, awareness and activism in the American and world political arenas with reference to the plight of starving, destitute children of Haiti;
  • Providing financial aid and other reasonable economic opportunities for the ultimate benefit of indigent children of Haiti;
  • Initiating and promoting civic, political and educational programs beneficial to such needy Haitian children;
  • Holding, conducting and organizing meetings, discussions and forums to consider community opinions on issues affecting the economic welfare of children in Haiti;
  • Serving, assisting, cooperating, co-sponsoring and otherwise engaging in concerted actions with private, governmental and religious agencies and organizations on all programs designed, calculated and dedicated to the improvement of life for the aforesaid children;
  • Endeavoring, improving and enriching the standard of living of such children by providing financial aid for religious and public education and by influencing policy decisions at all levels;
  • Soliciting, collecting and otherwise raising money for charitable, educational and benevolent purposes and to expending such monies for such purposes;
  • Engaging in charitable fundraising events and activities including sponsoring concerts, plays and recitals;
  • Delivering relief in emergencies especially during the tornado season and such unforseen events such as the January 12th, 2010 earthquake; 
  • Addressing discrimination of all forms;
  • Improving and advancing the health, welfare and well-being of impoverished children in Haiti by all available means and methods.

      It is our intent to pursue our mission with patience, determination, excellence and compassion. The children and the communities we serve deserve nothing less.  It is through a steadfast perserverence and strong partnerships in which we can strive for a better tomorrow for the Haitian community.

      Only together, can we succeed through teamwork, partnership and faith.

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      In conjunction with our Operation Hope/CHOMEG HOSPITAL and NURSING SCHOOL Project, a pharmacy is scheduled to open in June 2014 at Mais Gate in our main building "1".  It is our hope that members and friends will continue to support our programs while we are constantly looking for ways to help the population at large.   


      On February 24/2014, Dr. Eddy Delaleu met Mr. Delva, Mr. Jonas and Mrs. Jean in a four day long meeting on the Operation Hope/CHOMEG HOSPITAL NURSING SCHOOL Project.  For over four years they have been working tirelessly to get to this point where the need to open a CENTRE HOSPITALIER with State of the Art Equipment and to take the Nursing School to a higher National and International standard.

      Dr. Delaleu wishes to thank all the friends and supporters of such program he was honored to meet and is especially thankful for the wonderful advice, dinners and tea parties he enjoyed in a friendship and patriotic environment. 


      Operation Hope and its affiliates, would like to recognize Reverend Ecclesias Donatien as the man of the year.  A friend of nearly 18 years isa  model for all of us here and for many he serves days and nights, seven days a week at the Church Tabernacle of Praise.  Born in January 15, 1949 in St. Louis du Nord Haiti, he completed his primary and secondary schools in La Pointe, Port-de-Paix in the North West Department of Haiti.  He often referred to Esaie 6:8 as his calling.  That biblical passage impacted his spiritual life in such a way that he was guided to a Theological school in Port-au-Prince where he graduated in 1974.  His famous vision on his birthday on January 15, 1992 lead him from a church of 3 members under mango tree to a Tabernacle with a capacity of seating near 10,000 parishioners. May God continue to pour his gifts of love, prayers, healings and many more on him, the cchurchand his family.  


      Our Pharmacy has been severely destroyed by the last most recent hurricanes: ISAAC and SANDY. We lost most of our meds and medical supplies. We are asking all of you who are able to help us resuply to do so at your earliest convenience. Additionally we need more volunteers on a rotation basis to assist us in our weekly mobile clinics. Please contact us or contact Dr. Eddy Delaleu at: eddydelaleu@hotmail.com.

      Operation Hope Wendy's Clinic

      The Clinic is now open to the public from Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  We will go full schedule with our Mobile Clinics 3 days a week, beginning June 1, 2011. For the Medical Volunteers wishing to join us, please come prepared to serve while you will have a chance to travel the country's side and experience Haiti's beauty beyond the rubbles and striking poverty.


      Wendy's Clinic is now temporary closed as the need for medical care has decreased in the area.  We therefore are unable financially and logistically to keep a permanet staff on schedule.  The Clinic will remain closed until further notice.  In the mean time, OPERATION HOPE MOBILE CLINICS are contnuing with 2 Mobile Cliinics a week deserving needy communities between the West Department and the Artibonite region.


      Marie Carmelle Bienaime has been a volunteer working with us for over 18 years.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her unselfish services that she never ceased to provide day or night as the need calls for.  Carmelle is serving at all capacity such as: Emergency Relief Worker, Chief Hostess and Chef to name a few.  Her role has been indispensable for Operation Hope throughout the years.  She has been strongly recommended by her peers and foreign volunteers for Volunteer of the year. 


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