Operation Hope for children of Haiti

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Donors & Sponsors

We would like to extend a special thank you to the gracious efforts of those who have allocated much of their time and resources to Operation Hope's Haiti Earthquake Relief Program | HERP.  (Please Note: Names are not listed in any particular order; lists are not all inclusive and are continuously being updated.)


Dr. Marc Vital-Herne

Dr. Mondesir & Healthcare Ministries 

Kelly Haviland, NP

Catherine Ellenberger, NP

Dennis Graham, NP

Susan Filshie, RN

Mercedes Conde, NP

Dr. Kernilde Jean-Jerome, Pediatrician

Christopher & Jennifer Sabin

Kenya K. Greene

Erica D. Branch-Ridley

Sharon Wright

Nicole Dottin

Tawan Mateo

Nathalie Augustin

Regine Breton

Dora Avallone

Town of Hempstead: 

Councilwoman, Dorothy L. Goosby 

Supervisor, Kate Murray 

Uniondale Public School District:

Dr. Ed Joyner

Tricia Turner

Nancy & Maureen Reidy 

Dr. William F. Lloyd, Superintendent of Schools

Dr.  Florence Simmons, Principal

Mr. Frantz C. Dorsainvil, Educator

Major Terry Foster, ROTC Instructor

Dr. Ken Rodgers, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs

Haitian American Student Association (HASA)

Uniondale Fire Department:

Fire Chief Jean Laurent

Stony Brook Medical Center:

Mr. & Mrs. Stephano

Keneth Hall, MD 

Julie Pablo, NP

Christana Caines, NP

Kathleen Dhundale, NP

Respiratory Care Department

SNMA - Student National Medical Association

  - Jemella Raymore

  - Obi Ndum  

Stony Brook Haiti Relief Task Force

  - Leo Debobes

  - Ashley

  - Paul Lombardo

  - Ketia Ste. Croix, RN

  - Andrew Stritzl, RN

  - Edward Mann, RN 

  - Jere Freeman