Operation Hope for children of Haiti

Success through Teamwork, Partnership and Faith A Commitment Above Self

Contact us:

American Headquarters:     

Address:  PO Box 6004 Freeport, NY 11520 

 Haiti Headquarters & Affiliates:         

Operation Hope/CHOMEG, Mais Gate and Carrefour, Haiti 

Marin #22, La Plaine, Haiti

Hospital Adventiste, Diquini #63, Carrefour, Haiti  


 Dr. Eddy Delaleu, President & Founder 

 * e-mail: eddydelaleu@hotmail.com

 * e-mail: eddy@operationhopeforchildren.org

 * phone: 011-509-4-622-9864 (Haiti)

 * phone: 516-943-1399 (US)

 Peggy Spencer, Treasurer, Receptionist
 * e-mail: treasurer@operationhopeforchildren.org


Updated: 08.09.11


 _________________________________________________________________________________            Mission Statement

Operation Hope's mission is to provide food,treated water, shelter, health care and educational programs to underprivileged street children of Haiti, disadvantaged children of our immediate communities, orphans and forgotten children of the poorest of the poor areas such as Cité Soleil, Solino, Belair, Grande Ravine and more, by promoting their well being, health and basic education needs while preparing them to become self supporting and productive members of society.

 "Service and Commitment above self!"